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Toulouse, La Ville Rose

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been on vacation with some friends to the south of France and Spain. I thought it would be a nice thing to make a short series of blogposts of some of the cities that we’ve visited.

I think this will be more of a journal for myself but why not make it readable and give you some insights of the beautiful things these cities have to offer. The first city that we’ve visited was Toulouse. At first it was not on the list of cities that we wanted to visit but the trip to Barcelona would be so long -we we’re traveling by car- that we’ve figured it would be good to make a stop somewhere else for a few days. We heard some nice things about Toulouse, so that’s where we headed first.

After a pretty long trip of 12 hours we arrived in Toulouse. We booked a nice airbnb a few days ahead so we had a nice place to stay in a pretty nice street actually. There were a lot of nice restaurants and boutiques to visit. On the first day we didn’t do much because we were a bit tired of the the long trip so we ate some burgers and drunk some wine and called it a night.

Toulouse is also known as ‘La Ville Rose’ -the pink city- that’s because of the terra-cotta bricks used in many of it’s buildings. The architecture is like you would expect of a city in the south of France, beautiful Gothic architecture and other buildings with warm colours. It isn’t packed with third wave coffee shops or minimal fashion boutiques like the bigger cities have, but it still has some decent places to visit for sure. There is a nice square called ‘Place Saint-Georges’ there are quite some nice restaurants like Monsieur Georges. There is an Aesop store close to that square and some stores like COS, American Vintage and The Kooples. There are also some boutiques where you can find brands like Maison Margiela and Comme des Garcons PLAY etc.

We did found one nice coffee shop by the way. La Fiancée is a super nice, small coffee shop where you can get some superb breakfast and they got some nice filter and espresso options too. The day we visited was also a national holiday so it was packed with people and we were just a little too late for a nice brunch. Luckily their neighbours ‘La Réserve’ had a place free on their terrace. The food (and wine 😉 ) was lovely. After that we took an Uber to Les Abattoires, Musée where there was a Picasso exhibition at that moment.

wearing SANVT tee, Filippa K trousers, APC tote and Common Projects sneakers

That night we drank some good cocktails at ‘Fat Cat’ and visited some random places for some drinks and some necessary dancing 😉

Summed up Toulouse is a nice city to stay, maybe not for a whole week but for a few days you’ll be all set.

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