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So, here we are..

I wanted to do this for the longest amount of time, and now finally I did it. It wasn’t that hard to be honest.

I just had my morning coffee and right now I’m enjoying some breakfast as I’m trying to write this post. Today I went for an Ethiopian (Suke Quoto Natural) bean from Man Met Bril Koffie, it is a really nice lighter medium bodied coffee which has a nice sweetness to it. But please put that aside. Usually on the gram I only have to be worried about how the picture looks and if it fits perfectly in the feed, just writing a small caption and we’re done. But sometimes I think there is a lack of depth on Instagram, a lack of content as you are limited to just mostly one picture and a small caption. I think it is the beauty of the platform for sure but having something additional where you can express yourself or share the things you love in more than one picture and one caption can be a relief.

So I was thinking “What if I started a blog?”. I wasn’t sure if it was relevant to me or if you guys were interested in more than just one picture everyday on the gram. The thought of bothering people with even more things from me I think just kept me from doing it in the first place but also the lack of self discipline for sure haha.

But to make a long story short, I’ve build a blog where I just want to share some thoughts, products and places that I think require more than just that one post on Instagram. I think a lot of the time that a more in-depth post can bring something to life. I hope you like it and for me it’s also a place to post some nice in-depth content for the things in life that deserve that.

Enjoy your day guys, speak soon!