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One Day In Amsterdam

I thought it was a nice day to go to the city and do what I love to do, just chilling.

After a ‘gap’ year studying music and going to a bible college I just started working again at a nice design agency. I work there part time so I still have enough time to work as a content creator and treat you with some nice content every now and then. But just after a week of work I thought it would be nice to take some time for myself and go visit Amsterdam.

The first thing on my list was to pass by the Asket City Tour, they reached out to me to come on and visit, so I did.. obviously haha. For the people who never heard of Asket (what I think is very unlikely) they’re a fashion brand who have some standards other brands can learn from. They want to make the best possible clothing for the most reasonable pricing without other people living up for the costs. All their products are made in fair factories across the globe but most of it in Europe. The quality of these pieces are most of the time better than high end fashion brands but for a fraction of the price those brands ask for it. It is one of my go-to brands if I need some good basics for sure.

Because Asket is mainly sold on their website it isn’t an option to try it on in a store or so. But because of these city tours you get the option to try them all on and get your perfect fit. This is also one of their plus points, they have not only the sizes XS to XL, they also have length sizes and that is just something so well thought, so there will be a perfect size for your guaranteed. For me clothing is nice but if the size isn’t right or the fit doesn’t look good it is such a sad thing. I rather wear an unbranded tee that fits perfect instead of an amazing designer tee that doesn’t fit quiet as good. So that is why Asket is one of my favourite brands.

This time the pop-up store was located in the Wittenberg aparthotel, what is such a stunning place. The lighting was perfect and it was just too hard to choose the shots that ended up on the post and Instagram. But I think I made a nice small selection though ;). Today I shot with the Fujifilm X-T20 and the XF 35MM F1.4 and the XF 27MM F2.8 pancake lens, those are my go to lenses for a day like this.

After my visit I went to my favourite coffee place in Amsterdam, Coffee Sometime. It just opened a week ago or so but the time and effort put in this space, interior, coffee and cake is just amazing. They have their own roast and also use La Cabra. The cake is made by a friend from the store and it tastes even better than it looks, trust me. Yulie is such a nice host and for me it is always a must visit when I’m in Amsterdam. Coffee Sometime is located on the Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 69, so if you’re in town you know where you want to get some coffee… by the way, please don’t ask for a dry cappuccino when you’re there ;).

When I left I just rode my bike through the city and enjoyed the weather this October has given us (22 degrees celsius!). I also bought some new dark navy pants from COS which are really nice, also just ordered the black ones, I will post a picture of those later this weekend I think.

By the way this post is NOT sponsored by any of the parties, I just love what they’re doing and wanted to let you guys know.
But for now, enjoy your week guys!