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Let’s talk watches..

As you all may know, I like essentials. So here is a quick read about an essential thing that I haven’t talked about before. Let’s talk watches..

This post contains gifted items.

So as some of you may know, I guess all of you to be honest, I like essentials. Things and products that you can use and wear everyday without getting bored of it. On my Instagram page and here on the blog I’m trying to document my own essentials, just to keep track of it and maybe inspire you a bit. We all know the white sneakers, dark trousers and woolen coats but one category that is even more enjoyable (if you ask me) are nice watches.

Watches in these times are commonly seen as accessories to ‘up’ your outfit and you can wear a different watch to every outfit you have. A lot of brands, and especially on the gram, act on that of course and sell watches at cheap price points so you can achieve that easily. That way you wear the watch once and after that you’re done with it. To be honest, it’s hard to see the society is like that but you can’t blame them totally.There is a lot of money put in the marketing in these lower-end watches. It is so easy to buy what looks good at first and from a distant, and even maybe for a few months.. but if it isn’t well made it won’t last.

But with all that said. I want to talk with you guys about what I look for in a watch. I got asked a lot what people should buy etc.
I cannot tell you what you should buy, but I can at least inspire you right?

A few months ago I finally pulled the trigger on one of my dream watches, the Submariner by Rolex. This is currently the watch I wear almost all the time, wouldn’t blame me right? For me it’s quite a grail watch as it is the original diver/sports watch and there (for me) isn’t just anything quite like it. I went for the modern version of the Sub as I wanted to wear it daily. Vintage watches are really, really beautiful and have a lot of character but they are also a more fragile. So for an ‘everyday-watch’, a modern watch is a safer bet in my opinion. The saphire crystal and ceramic bezel are lovely and super durable, you wouldn’t find it on the vintage version of this watch.

You could wear this watch with almost every outfit, but I maybe wouldn’t wear it with a suit. Just because the casing is a bit big in 40mm ( it tends to wear larger) it doesn’t go easily under your shirt and that is where your watch should sit when in a suit. Although if Mr. Bond can pull it off it should be accepted by now. I really enjoy it wearing it with a nice knit and trousers at the moment as that is all I wear right now 😉


But I won’t stop with that watch. There are some watches that I still wear with a lot of joy. Let’s talk about my first ‘real’ mechanic watch which is the About Vintage 1971. This steel and black watch is a very classic and minimalistic timepiece. My version houses an ETA 2824 mechanical movement which is a Swiss movement and is famous for it’s quality and reliability. AV offers some extra straps for this watch so you can experiment a bit with the look of the watch. Make it a bit more sportive with a NATO or rubber strap, or dress is up with the premium leather strap.

I really see this watch as nice step in the ‘real’ watch world, or it could be a really nice watch that you can wear next to your ‘expensive’ watch as you don’t want, or it isn’t appropriate to wear to a specific occasion. You can wear it again with almost everything. I really like wearing it with a black knit or sweater as it blends in but it still shines on the wrist.

The third and last watch I want to talk about is the Tusenö First 38, which is a chronograph. Chrono’s are watches with a stopwatch function so you got the extra dials and the extra pushers on the side. The watch is a bit more complicated than the others but in this colourway it is still a clean and minimal, and not to forget a functional watch. There are a few strap options too so you can change the look of it super easy.

The size, 38mm, is really nice on this watch. A lot of chronograph’s are a bit bigger measuring at least 40mm, but the smaller size gives it a more vintage look and feel. The markers on the dial are nicely done and overall it is just a stunning piece. As the movement of the watch isn’t a mechanical one it still is pretty interesting. They have used the Seiko VK64, Hybrid Mecha-Quartz Chronograph. What means that when you use the chronograph function the seconds hand sweeps nicely over the dial instead of doing the quartz thing where every second it gets moved. Usually you only see this in mechanical movements like the ones I talked about earlier. If you are looking for a nice watch from a independent watchmaker, this chronograph is almost a no-brainer.

I could talk about this for hours as you my have noticed. But if you made it through to this point, much appreciated and please slide me a DM if you got any questions. Below are some links to the watches I’ve talked about so you can take a look for yourself and maybe even give yourself a nice Christmas present 😉

Enjoy your week guys! Speak soon!

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