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Another Monochrome Outfit

Autumn has just arrived and now it is time for some warmer outfits.

Together with the Dutch brand Profuomo I curated a cosy but classic outfit. For me monochrome is always the way to go, better said my favorite clothing piece — next to white sneakers obviously, is a nice black merino knitted sweater. I’ve paired it here with some lighter grey cotton wool blend trousers. Lighter colored trousers weren’t always my thing. I loved how they looked on others but I couldn’t imagine myself feeling comfortable wearing trousers of that shade. For me black or dark grey trousers is all I wear but after I got these lighter ones there is a possible change in my wardrobe.
But with only a nice knitted sweater and some trousers you’re not 100% ready for Autumn yet if you ask me. So maybe my overall favorite piece of the Autumn wardrobe for me is the coat. I luckily got a few from brands like; American Vintage, Matinique, Arket and H&M Edition, but this cashmere blend coat from Profuomo will be one of my favorites for the next months. The coat is beautifly lined and it has a very soft touch to it.

This oufit can be worn on multiple occasions, that is why I love the monochrome look so much. I can wear it when I have to go to a client, but I also can wear it on a Saturday morning when I’m on my way to my barista to get the best cup of coffee possible. I’ve put the links of some pieces of the outfit below so you can take a look for yourself.

Enjoy your week guys!

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