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A day in Rotterdam

I got frequently asked what the best spots are in Rotterdam for coffee, lunch, shopping etc. So I thought it would be nice to take you out on a day in my life, in my city, Rotterdam.

When you ask people where they think of when you think about The Netherlands they almost all say, Amsterdam, canals, tulips and clogs maybe? But luckily we have got a lot more to offer than just one city and some products. To give you guys insight in a day off of my life I hope that I can prove that 😉

I love starting my day early with a cup of coffee, breakfast and a glass of water. But as mornings at times get hectic, my routine often falls apart and I’ll end up pressing the snooze button and running to work without my precious caffeine boost.

So a few weeks ago when I got myself The Barisieur coffee alarm clock and it truly took my morning routine to the next level. I love how it wakes me up with a warm cup of coffee. It’s small things like these that make getting out of bed easier and make my day more productive

To get myself in the right mindset I’ll often listen to music or read the news in the morning. Then it’s time to get out of the house… I’m lucky enough to have a barber located not too far from my house in ‘de hofbogen’, so it’s easy to get a quick touch up or a fresh haircut. The guys over at The Barber Parlour know what they do so when you’re in need for a cut you know where to go!

The Barber Parlour, Vijverhofstraat 34, Rotterdam

Also based in ‘de hofbogen’ you can find one of my favourite stores of Rotterdam. Pantoufle is a store where you can find designs from all over the world. The store itself is a beautiful minimalistic open space with soft materials and truly beautiful pieces. They stock goods that are created by the finest makers of the world using natural materials that will only become more beautiful as time goes by. For example you can get your Artek stools, Hasami porcelain and Carl Hansen and Son chairs here.

Pantoufle Interior Design, Vijverhofstraat 100 & 102, Rotterdam

In the same street you’ll also find a great place for coffee called ‘Man Met Bril Koffie’ translated ‘Man With Glasses Coffee’. The founder unfortunately doesn’t wear glasses anymore but it’s still a catchy name nonetheless and it is a perfect place if you want to work outside with some good coffee. But usually when I’m in need for a cup and some great food I’ll pay Harvest Coffee Brewers a visit. Based just bit south of the city centre of Rotterdam behind the docks you’ll find arguably the best coffee of the city or even The Netherlands. The staff is just great and their menu is always surprisingly good. You’ll find me here at least once a week and if you pay them a visit you won’t blame me for it 😉

Man Met Bril Koffie, Vijverhofstraat 70, Rotterdam
Harvest Coffee Brewers, Glashaven 107, Rotterdam

And of course there is always some time to go shopping. And of course as in every city, there are plenty of places where you can find some fine stores. There is one street where you can find a few of my favourite stores. In the van Oldebarneveldstraat you can find stores like Filippa K, Hutspot and some boutiques like T0K10 (Japanese streetwear with brands like Comme des Garcons and Visvim) and Ansh46. Last mentioned has a great selection of brands like, Acne Studios, Maison Margiela, Raf Simons and Off-White. The store itself is beautiful too so you should definitely check them out if you got the time.

T0K10, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 135A, Rotterdam
Ansh46, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 99, Rotterdam

Above all, Rotterdam has way more to offer than what I just told you. You can find a lot of nice architecture and there are some nice museums as well. And of course, if you happen to find yourself in Rotterdam and you don’t know where to go, just ask me through a DM 😉

Enjoy your week guys!.