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48 hours in Paris

A small diary about two days in the wonderful city Paris, I tried to cover some nice spots for you within the crazy short timeframe I got.

So, it has been a long, long time since I last posted something on the blog. I find it pretty hard to find time and effort to write something that I find is worth reading. But anyway, I found a bit of time as I’m currently sitting in the train back home from Paris. Last week I didn’t even know I would be here in Paris enjoying some parts of the fashion week and keeping contact with amazing brands. It have been some crazy busy two days as my agenda did not let me enjoy it more than 48hr, but yeah just always enjoy the most of it.

The last time I visited Paris was like one and a half years ago, so this took me way too long to visit the city of love again. And it is a city I love for sure, the architecture, character and that instant ‘classic chrome’ look (for my fuji lovers out there) is what makes me want to trade in Rotterdam for that Parisian lifestyle. But don’t worry, won’t be happening anytime soon haha.

I knew my Paris adventure would only last for two days where I also needed to visit multiple showrooms and do some fittings, so there wouldn’t be a lot of shopping and coffee time involved but I tried my best to visit as much as possible.

My mate Oliver (@olvh, must follow) visited Paris a few weeks back so it really wasn’t that hard to pick out the good places for some good coffee. My first stop was at Fragments. I knew it would be packed because of PFW, so when I arrived for some lunch I had to wait for 20 minutes, but with stores like Merci around the corner it was over in no time. Their filter (aero press) was pretty good and also their avocado toast was something you would expect for the name that is has. Around the corner, just next to Merci you’ll find a nice AMI store. That brand really keeps getting my interest and it is slowly becoming one of my favourite clothing brands. Their fits are just perfect in my opinion and again the new collection is just so good! I even had to leave with some trousers 😉 After that I did some fittings. I don’t have much footage of that because you ain’t got no time for that when you’re busy haha.

wearing Vince overcoat, Arket liner, Uniqlo trousers, Asket scarf and Common Projects sneakers

First thing next morning I went to Télescopecafé. It’s located very close to Palais Royal and it is such nice calming place with some great coffee (I went for a nice Ethiopian filter and it was sooo good, I even bought some for my Chemex at home) and amazing sourdough cinnamon buns. Don’t have a picture of that because, well.. yeah you know..

wearing Vince overcoat, Arket liner, Sunspel lambswool knit, Ami trousers and Common Projects sneakers

Of course I couldn’t leave Palais Royale without a quick stop at Café Kitsuné which is located next to the garden. It is very small and right now they don’t offer outside seating (because winter) It is still just good for a takeaway. After that I passed by the Byredo flagship store which you may have seen on my Instagram before. There are a few fragrance brands I just adore and Byredo is one of them. My first ever ‘niche’ parfum was Mojave Ghost and right now my parfum stash contains a lot of fragrances by them. So wandering trough the store just felt(and smelled) super good.

So this sums up pretty much half of the things I’ve done, so maybe in the near future I will share something more about the rest.

I’ve put some links down here of the pieces I enjoyed a lot during this trip. Only taking essentials with you makes it just a tad easier and relaxing. Enjoy your week guys! Speak soon!

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